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An in-depth look at the members of the Adam Beach Film Institute


Adam Beach, ABFI President & Founder

Adam is living proof that Aboriginal youth can achieve their dreams and change the world. He has appeared in over 60 films and television programs. One of his more memorable performances was as Ira Hayes, a Pima Native American, in the Academy Award-nominated Clint Eastwood directed Flags of Our Fathers (2006). Adam, like many Native Americans living today, knows the challenges we face as the first peoples of this continent, but he is committed to sharing his dreams and vision of a better future through film and storytelling for our youth. He will be teaching everything he knows through his very own Master Acting Class. 

Jim Compton.jpg

Jim Compton, ABFI Artistic Director

His long and illustrious career is filled with a myriad of Documentaries, feature film productions, television series and Feature length entertainment specials. His list of productions spans three decades. “All speak to the indomitable spirit of the people…their struggle…their hope and their accomplishment.” Today Compton has feature films in development and production. His documentaries are award winning and the series are, as always, inspirational. Compton is very proud of his renown. He was one of the first to collaborate on an international co-pro with New Zealand and Maori TV. Recently, he was nominated for a Gemini award for “Sparkle, An evening with Andrea Menard.” 
“Kitohcikew – One who makes music” is a recent award winning documentary. It tells the story of Winston Wuttunee….a singer, songwriter and educator. On the drama end Compton is producing a feature film entitled “Killing the Shaman” which explores the spirit world where two worldviews collides. In development is “Frenchie”… a story of Love, Family and Redemption in a world that only offers a lifetime of struggle.  Today he is offers his many skills to the Adam Beach Film Institute as its first Artistic Director and as a script writing instructor.  

Jesse Green, ABFI Instructor

Jesse is committed to initiatives that will carry Aboriginal voices into the future.  His specialization remains in community narratives and reflecting the layers of Indigenous knowledge embedded within.  Celebrating 19 years in the business, Jesse has produced 500+ successful video projects, representing over 300 active clients.  Jesse remains passionate about his work.

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Coleen Rajotte, ABFI Instructor

Filmmaker, Journalist, Co-founder and Festival Director of the Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival, CEO of Vitality Television Inc