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ABFI Life Skills Project Ready to Roll!

The Adam Beach Film Institute is pleased to announce an exciting and rewarding opportunity for Indigenous Youth in the Media Arts Industry.  The program ABFI Skills Link Project will help prepare students for a career in the Media Industry.  Designed to meet the needs of employers the program will combine Media Theory and Job Placement Experience for all participants. The ABFI Skills Link Project is a unique, socially innovative program that will reflect Indigenous Culture while giving students the skill set to succeed in the Media Industry. 

We have commitments from APTN, CBC and Indigenous Production Houses keen to provide shadowing opportunities to prospective Indigenous Young people interested in a career in the Media Arts. 

ABFI will facilitate and manage the program.  Students will be taught by award winning industry professionals currently employed in the Media Industry.    

Eligibility and Other Details:

  • This project is funded by the Government of Canada’s Skills Link Program.
  • There is Classroom Training for 4 weeks and job placement for 8 weeks.  Over 12 weeks participants will be compensated at 30 hours per week, at minimum wage.
  • Participants cannot be in receipt of EI benefits.
  • Priority in acceptance will be given to Aboriginal youth facing barriers to finding and keeping employment.
  • Identify in your application or cover letter if you would potentially need help with childcare support.
  • Transportation support will be made available to successful applicants.
  • Training location is in central Winnipeg (585 Ellice Ave.) and is close to major bus routes.
  • Financial support will be available during both classroom and workplace components (based on attendance).
  • Participation in Aboriginal and Winnipeg film making groups is an important component and indicator of future student success (Networking skills are critical for industry success).

Here is what you will learn:

ABFI lesson plans and support materials will be developed as the course progresses.  The Indigenous Media Production Program will be comprised of “four units” (4 weeks) covering all aspects of current media production philosophy. The second part of the course will involve placement on an indigenous media project or with an indigenous media provider. Course content will reflect indigenous values.

Students will begin the course by developing a real time media project (News, documentary and Short film) tied to a broadcast or media platform (online digital) end use.  The project will follow real time lines as development leads to production, marketing and distribution. Students will be encouraged to take ownership for their projects.

Timelines would be as follows:
•    Four weeks in class theory
•    Eight weeks on set practical experience APTN, CBC, etc.
•    Graduation
*Indigenous cultural activities are an integral component of the Media Program facilitated through the ABFI.

Unit One – Project Pitching and Development

The first week will consist of an introduction to media production including the following key subject areas:
•    Learning the language of Media Production
•    Brainstorming and team work concepts
•    Developing a production idea
•    Researching and finding a market
•    An overview - tools of the trade
•    Production duties and responsibilities

Unit Two – Pre-Production

The second week will address the pre-production process including the following subject areas.
•    Putting it on the page screenplay research and writing
•    The different genres, long and short form projects, documentary
•    Production planning and preparation location scouting
•    Budgeting and scheduling
•    Casting and crew and equipment
•    The shooting script
•    Legal language
•    Getting $$ value on the screen where it counts 

Unit Three – Getting your story on screen

The third week will address the production process including the following subject areas:
•    Production protocols ie. The paperwork
•    Working with cast and crew
•    Putting technology to work to get your story on screen
•    Shot composition – shooting to edit
•    Camera angles and movement
•    Directing on camera talent

Unit Four – Post Production

The Fourth week will address the post production and marketing process including the following subject areas:
•    Preparing for the edit
•    The editor in the process
•    Editing technology/theory
•    Rough cut to final cut
•    Special effects and getting it right
•    Delivering on the promise

Job placement, eight (8) weeks in duration, will follow the initial training. 

ABFI is now accepting Skills Link applications for 20 Students. The first session will have an intake of 10 Trainees and begins March 6th to May 26th. With the second session (10 Trainees) starts May 29th to August 18th.
We will be looking for another 18 student over the 2018 sessions and another 18 over the 2019 sessions. Those upcoming sessions will be posted on 

Good luck and we hope to hear from you soon. Please fill-out, scan and remit “Skills Link” application to: 
(CAHRD) Centre for Aboriginal Human Resource Development
304-181 Higgins Avenue, Winnipeg, MB  R3B 3G1

For more information contact:
Adam Beach Film Institute
1-585 Ellice Ave. 
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3B 1Z7

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