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“Adam Beach Film Experience”

Booshoo, Aneen, Aho,

Relatives, I (Adam Beach) am writing you with an exciting new “Experience” I believe will kick start the creation the “Aboriginal Film Industry!”

As you know the Adam Beach Film Institute is once again embarking on two major initiatives in 2015!  The first is the launching of the Adam Beach Film Institute!

ABFI is all about training and inspiring Native American youth to envision a career in the Feature Film industry. It is driven by one word… “Faith”.  A deeply inspired “Faith”, that has led to my success and acclaim as an actor and now as a mentor/teacher.

“My mission is to change the outlook of First Nation’s communities one by one by sharing my gifts and intimate knowledge of filmmaking. Everything from Master acting classes, to the art of shooting, writing, directing and producing independent and Hollywood ready scripts.”

The second is something I am calling the “Adam Beach Film Experience!”

It follows on the heels of my bringing First Run Hollywood Movies to the First Nations here in Manitoba and across Canada through a “pop-up” theater, in 2014. My idea was simple:

  • The people of the First Nations would be able to view New Hollywood releases immediately similar to those in being released in major urban centers.

  • The Hollywood experience is complete with surround sound, state of the art Projector, and concessions.

  • It is family entertainment like no other, allowing Chief and councils, and the local Child and Family Services organizations, to partner and provide high quality entertainment to their people who have never had the experience before.

  • All profits will go towards establishing the Adam Beach Film Institute.

My dream has always been to inspire and take First nation youth to another level of their consciousness. A consciousness that I believe will help them rise above and face the mask of fear and apathy that too often envelops their lives and minds.  I know because I’ve been there.

We need to shed these two dark shadows stalking our youth, our families and our ancestral lands!

 The Opportunity

My next “salvo” is to reach out to all First nations communities by taking the show on the road!

After working out the kinks of 2014 I am now launching the “Adam Beach Film Experience!”

Essentially it will combine the efforts of the Pop-up Theatre experience with the experience of ABFI training workshops.

Presently the Adam Beach Film Institute is offering a three-day (week day & Weekend) training Master Class Workshop geared towards First Nations Students (ages 14 -35).

“In the film industry the real learning comes from applied, hands-on experience.”

In the spirit of that axiom the ABFI “Master class workshop” was offered in many communities where students/tribal members walked through a number of specific feature film and drama department positions and essentially got their hands dirty.

The ABFI has assembled the best of the best in Indian Country to deliver these courses.  See our Classes page for details

The “Experience!”

With that combined success in mind the Adam Beach Film Institute/Bandwidth would now like to capitalize on that concept and take the marketing idea a step further.

It begins with the “Adam Beach Pop-up Theatre” (ABPT/Bandwidth Movies) that has been traveling to local First Nations communities and showcasing First Run Hollywood movies. It will now combine and offer ABFI master class, film workshops and hands on training within that realm!

Together I believe it will offer the ultimate Film/movie “Experience” that allows for one-on-one access to First Nations youth and spreads the message of creating an Aboriginal Film Industry.

How it works?

We will offer First Nations and Aboriginal communities Nation wide the opportunity to pick one/two movies (Hollywood or Aboriginal Hero) of their choice for presentation in their community. Using these movies as fodder for training we will dissect, train and produce vignettes and future scripts (Short and Feature length) for ABFI training. Down the road training can come through return engagements or through direct registration at the ABFI in Winnipeg.

Promotional events could include winners to be on the next set of an ABFI movie, or trip to LA to meet with close actor friends of mine like Hayden Christensen, who is best known as Darth Vader, or Christian Slater who I worked with on Windtalkers.


From a marketing standpoint and an exclusive deal we have made with APTN for promotion and training it is a perfect fit for the both of us.

In Manitoba most First Nations do indeed have Bingos to raise funds for the good of the community…hockey equipment, educational excursions and the list goes on. But no one has even had a notion to provide quality family entertainment showcasing First Run Hollywood movies and ABFI Training. The “Adam Beach Film Experience” adds to that quality of life and of course “Faith in the future!” More over it creates the uplifting idea of an “Aboriginal Film Industry”. 

My Film Institute and Adam Beach Pop-up Theatre (ABPT/Bandwidth Movies) are connected in this mutual goal. To provide top quality family entertainment to First Nation communities and offer film school courses in all aspects of filmmaking through the Adam Beach Film Institute.

ABFI is an accredited College with in partnership with Red River College. Those courses start March 2015. Within that I am dedicating my film knowledge to the people of Manitoba and Canada through “Master Acting Classes” at ABFI.  I now add the “Adam Beach Film Experience” to the mix.

Add to this the marketing potential from APTN, and the “experience” can go national!

ABFI/Bandwidth now has a home with our purchase of the former Ellice Theatre and Café in downtown Winnipeg. We will offer all our courses there. Through the ABFI “Experience” we will also take our show on the road and provide workshops for FN students.

I am a very spiritual guided man. It is in everything I do. I believe that with a little help form our First Nations people the idea of an Aboriginal Film Industry can be realized.

I am asking your community to entertain the “Experience” and offer it up as an exciting option to the youth…for hope and well being in our communities.

In the sprit of our ancestors I thank you.

For more information on films, course and costs please contact me at:

Or visit out website at:

Adam Beach,
President & CEO of ABFI/Bandwidth

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