Adam Beach Film Institute
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Board of Directors

What is ABFI?

The Adam Beach Film Institute began as a dream of Adam Beach, who desired to see more Aboriginal youth find a better way in life through film. Seeing a strong need for the development of a way through telling our story through film, Adam began to seek out support for his vision. In early 2012, an initial gift of donation from San Gold Corporation enabled Adam to begin to see the realization of his dream. Interest in the Institute continues to grow and pledges of support have already begun. As the ABFI grows, it is hoped that its growth will mirror the growth in Aboriginal youth as they pursue dreams of their own.

Our Mission

"The Adam Beach Film Institute provides a clear path to Indigenous Youth seeking entry into the Media arts and Film Training Industry. Our Teachings are driven and guided by the traditions of Indigenous storytelling."

Our Vision

"The Adam Beach Film Institute envisions Indigenous People working within the Media, Film and Television industry...and healing with every story told."


Board of Directors

Adam Beach, President & Founder

Jim Compton, Artistic Director

Michael Birch, Board Member

David MacKay, Board Member